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A Multi-faceted
Learning Management Solution (LMS),

Techlene's LMS, RexoCampus, is built to serve you with a wide learning exposure for your students along with the best teaching experience. Simplify administration across departments and gain actionable insights across all stakeholders.

Kernel Features
We provide flawless re-engineering services for software along with advancing and enhancing features, improving UI/UX and modern security technology. Techlene helps you redesign, refactor and migrate to give you fully customized feature rich applications.
  • Keep all student's information in one place like student profile, health info, achievements, performance reports, etc. Access from anytime, anywhere and take informed decisions from actionable insights.
  • Maintain faculty records and keep all faculty information in once place. Quickly access the entire database and measure parameters through dashboards.
  • Single click handling feature for managing all courses for students and teachers, subjects and concourses.
  • Enable a quick and easy enrollment process by building a direct and simple registration process.
  • Plan and manage exams through different methods like CCE, CPA and more within a few clicks
  • A compliant payment system to enable extensive fee and financial management across various platforms and methodologies.
Essential Features
  • Easily collect and process the admission process with all required systems in one place.
  • Dynamic and integrated financial management suite to handle student fees and course enrollments
  • Build and a lot classrooms for various courses and manage various classroom phenomena from a centralized hub.
  • Single screen planning for sessions, seminars and lectures. Notify students and faculty in just a few clicks.
  • Automate attendance process and maintain detailed, organized attendance reports for all.
  • Allot and manage assignments and track status of assignments on an individual level.
Advanced Features
  • Manage library with integrated library management features. Maintain book records, issuing, student and faculty records.
  • Plan events, promulgate event information and images, send RSVP to attendees, and keep the count of who joined in.
  • Find all vital data in a single screen in the dashboard, measure KPIs and make well-informed decisions.
  • Get perspicacity and insights on various departments and activities for the organization using our reporting module.
  • Smart mobile app to access personal profiles, educational insights, course material, event notifications and more
  • Willing to explore more about how you could leverage RexoCampus for your learning needs? Find more details here!

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