Unlock powerful actionable insights by tapping into your data

Techlene helps you discover your data and its destiny by deploying the precise data tools, technology and solution to reveal the hidden potential of your data. Analyze your data as per your business needs and draw vital insights to take better data-driven decisions.

Big Data Services and Solution
We help you extract value from data of various facets and drive actionable insights. Our services focus on helping you make optimum use of your data. Along with big data services, we also provide the required technology, software and mechanism to enhance your big data workflows. Our process of Big Data Consulting includes architecture and outline of optimal technology stack. Techlene conducts landscape assessment and analyses the scope while evaluating tools.
We help you precisely implement big data services and solutions to achieve optimum results. After a thorough needs analysis, our big data services stand on pillars of the strong solution developments based on data lake, DWH, ETL/ELT setup, data analysis (SQL and NoSQL), big data reporting, dash boarding, etc. Techlene also helps set up big data governance procedures.
Big Data Support
Techlene helps you conduct big data health checks. With 24/7 support and releasing patches, we provide big data software updating support, administration assistance, data cleaning and management along with extensive data security, backup and recovery services. We also help you monitor performance along with troubleshooting problems and identifying their solutions.
Real-time Analytics
Our business analytics and big data insights have helped companies improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase competitiveness and effectively trade off risk against available opportunities. Along with marketing and predictive analysis, Techlene helps organizations identify and mitigate risk real-time, thereby reducing its negative impact. In addition, we help financial organizations manage risk in their everyday activities effectively. We also help companies forecast demand, increase margins, manage inventory more efficiently and manage logistics efficiently thereby reducing cost.

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