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automated software testing services
End-to-end quality assurance and software testing services for enterprises and ISVs across the globe.

Better testing, Better results

Techlene allows you to run the same test simultaneously on different machines. Test usability, compatibility, security and all other vital aspects and get unified, reliable results.


Managed testing services customized
for your industry

Functional Testing
Functional Testing web
Functional Testing
Techlene helps validate the user system to ensure every functional requirement of the application meets the desired output. Our strong team of QA professionals wisely implement functional training to primarily focus on vital aspects like user interface, APIs, security, database and all related functionalities.
Usability Testing
Usability Testing web
Usability Testing
You can easily monitor the application behavior when multiple functions of the application are working simultaneously. We help you identify potential usability issues in the initial phase through our in-depth analysis of user behavior, thus helping you create a very efficient product.
Performance Testing
Performance Testing web
Performance Testing
Overcome instability and inefficient responsiveness with our performance testing service. We also help ensure flawless, smart and reliable applications with our extensive quality check processes executed along with performance testing.
Security Testing
Security Testing web
Security Testing
We help you enable security testing with every phase to overcome potential vulnerabilities of your running applications. Techlene's skill-rich team shields your application from hackers and potential attacks by performing risk assessment and penetration testing.
Compatibility Testing
Compatibility Testing web
Compatibility Testing
Techlene helps you test the compatibility of your application across different databases, browsers, server infrastructures, hardware, devices and resolution displays. Get detailed compatibility reports and make amendments to improve application compatibility.
Mobile App Testing
Mobile App Testing online
Mobile App Testing
Experts at Techlene understand the importance of security, scalability and multi-platform support. Accordingly, we provide functional/non-functional & cross platform testing. Our approach includes manual as well as automated methods for varied mobile applications.

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