Manufacturing Industry Technology Solutions

Streamline and optimize all business processes to enhance productivity, efficiency and quality to deliver a better customer experience

Manufacturing is a complex process and Techlene simplifies it effortlessly with it’s all-in-one ERP solution

RexoERP. Efficiently include all facets of your organization with minimum investment and ensure productive outcomes. RexoERP helps you freely access critical business data anytime and gain complete, in-depth visibility over the entire operational work-flow along with detailed insights on specific vital business operations.

By helping reduce operations and admin costs to increase on-time deliveries, RexoERP improves resource utilization and flawlessly accelerates business processes. We therefore serve across the following industries
  • Plastic Industry
  • Furniture Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Education Industry
  • Electronics Industry
  • Healthcare Industry

RexoERP helps you automate processes across various platforms, increase efficiency and maximize customer satisfaction by delivering game-changing functionalities:

Stock Management
Lessen dead stock & storage costs. Disentangle item management and raw material administration.
Purchase Management
Access stock, invoices, and manage payments with a simplified evaluation of suppliers' quotations in minutes.
Supply Chain Management
Gain total visual access of job schedules and production plans and break down production workstation leads.
Market Management (CRM)
Follow up generated leads and track them to sales closure. Monitor sales team strategies and thus simplify quote submission to the customer.
Production and Manufacturing (CRM)
Plan and oversee things for production or buying depending on basic vital essential viewpoints..
Finance Management
Effectively report, examine, and dispense money progressively. Handle the whole acquirement measure including invoices, payments, receipts, and orders.
Sales Management
Manage the entire order-to-payment process with efficient tools. Get efficient integrated business procedures and strategic decision-making systems.
HR and Payroll Management
Distinguish labour requirements and plan enrolling, direction, preparing, and improvement measures. Manage HR and Payroll extensively.

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