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We deliver diversely functional and efficient mobile application development services for a varied range of industries. With a strong back-end and an extremely appealing interface, we ensure superior targeting and capturing of your business goals through modern-day, high-performing mobile apps.

android app development services
Android App Development
If you are hitting up for a new android app or craving a shift from an existing iOS app to android, a trusted rescue and savior coming your way is Techlene. We offer unmatchable end-to-end mobile development services, right from concept designing to developing and testing , everything that is done with utmost expertise.
Along with the full-cycle development of your android app, we provide the indispensable feature of code audit services. Our rescue services create a supported android application your company looks forward to. Rescue service is especially for codes that no longer meet your business requirements - Techlene mends the code to perfection!
  • 99.9% crash free app
  • Cyber secure
  • Compliant with material design
  • High performance
ios app development services
iOS App Development
Techlene is aptly multiferous and also provides a full range of superior IOS app development services. We excel in troubleshooting hands over both consumer and enterprise mobile apps. With experts having unquestionable experience in building native apps for iPads and iPhones is a surety in maximizing performance many folds and security as an addon to provide the best experience to users.
To flawlessly outperform your business goals, we provide full-cycle application development services in which the design, testing, and maintenance take the topmost priority. Our code audit services precisely weed out hidden bugs, code-errors, and underlying issues, and accordingly, our team fixes all the loopholes. Form a new iOS app or want to amend the existing one, we are all for one and one for all.
  • Apple guide lines compliant
  • Superior performance
  • 99.9% crash free app
  • Highly cyber secure
react natvie app development services
React Native App Development
We specialize in seamless high-performance apps that are compatible with both Android and IOS. Our native apps are enriched with a simple look & feel and are loaded with several specialized features, added to meet your business needs. From designing and testing to maintaining your apps, we cater to all your jobs done with error-free precision.Not only do we build the best react native apps, but we also identify and diagnose underlying issues with existing apps and mend them to perfection. Our code audit and rescue services never fail to impress. Some highlights of apps we develop.
  • Experience better performance as compared to other cross-platform frameworks
  • Easy to use and up to 29% faster to develop
  • Apple HIG and material design guideline
  • Quick to update
cross platform app development services
Cross Platform App Development
Techlene possesses a very strong hand in cross-platform mobile application development services. We are excellent in various multi-platform app development services that help enterprises optimize their business goals. Whether creating an app or modifying an existing one to an evolution mode, our expert code audit services are our pillars of pride. By leveraging the power of cross-platform technology, we create world-class cross-platform applications that act as a milestone and a benchmark for excellence. The one-code-fits-all aspect of these apps has escalated their popularity and hence, Techlene excels in high-performing applications with a stupendously strong wireframe that acts as a boon in escalating your business.
  • Agile development methodology
  • Rigorous QA testing before going live
  • 99.9% crash free
  • Rigid QA testing
flutter app development services
Flutter App Development
We at Techlene help you to build visually appealing, chart-topping, functionally rich cross-platform apps using Google Flutter's app development framework. Our team with experts unmatchable business prowess leverage this framework to bring your ideas to life and create world-class apps within a jaw-dropping budget and time-frame. To meet all custom requirements, Techlene provides multi-level assistance for building and deploying REST APIs. Moreover, our assistance is unfailingly available throughout the journey and ensures you are not hindered and stuck by hurdles. Our Flutter App Consulting services help you make the right choices for booming results while showing you all pros and cons making you aware of unexpected problems. Not only do we build new apps, we also help you recreate and modify the existing ones.
  • Enriched with automation tools
  • Test driven development
  • Added animations
  • Rich, elite UI/UX
mobile app development

Delivering The Right Solutions

We exceed in providing customized solutions as per the business needs, be it a small business in their ideation stage or mid-sized enterprise concentrating on their growth or large companies actively optimizing processes across diverse industries.

Why Techlene?


We are well pillared on our core policies of staff augmentation agility, authenticity, and quality. Our offerings are customer-focused, and we assign the right talent at the right place for successful project execution.

Domain expertise

We utilize unrivalled ability that best accommodates your technology domain. Our software development teams have the talent to bring the best result for organizations through our outsourced software development administrations.

Agile process

Our dedicated teams apply an agile way to keep the pace among the speed and nature of deliverables. We make a roadmap by dividing modules into more modest sprints per project needs and conveying them in more limited sprints.

Top-notch developers

We assist you with reducing down the additional expenses of hiring caused through recruitment offices, foundation speculations, and robust recruitment bundles. Outsource to Techlene and access talented developers for brilliant business outcomes.

Transparent approach

Techlene offers a secure and transparent pricing structure at every phase of project delivery. Altered with specific business requirements, we facilitate exclusive software development needs with high performance.

Wider technology stack

Our software engineering teams have good technology aptitude in software development tools and frameworks such as Microsoft technologies, Java, Node, PHP, RoR, latest front end technologies, cloud, and DevOps.

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