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Managed digital services and solutions customized for healthcare industry.

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Enrich your healthcare infrastructure with modern-day technology to enhance administration and elevate healthcare delivery to patients. Techlene is all you need to become IT-rich!


Managed IT services customized
for your healthcare industry

Healthcare Software Development Services
Healthcare Software Development
Healthcare Software Development Services
Techlene's supreme enterprise-level technology solutions are precisely designed to increase productivity and smoothen workflow for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, medical device manufacturers, and more. From ideation to implementation, Techlene delivers superior quality, compliance fit, cost-effective, and highly scalable softwares for the healthcare industry.
Our expert consulting services provide 360-degree solutions from prototyping to deployment to testing to implementation, for all kinds of custom healthcare software.
Web and Mobile App Development for Healthcare Industry
Web and Mobile App Development for Healthcare
Web and Mobile App Development for Healthcare Industry
We seamlessly transition you to digital healthcare to support your healthcare infrastructure that is under constant unprecedented pressure. Intending to elevate every facet of healthcare augmentation, we provide custom healthcare web and app development services enriched with AI to ensure excellent healthcare to patients, streamlined internal processes, and a secure medical ecosystem.

We offer full-cycle web and mobile application development services, managing end-to-end processes to add value to your business needs. Along with a patient portal and EHR/EMR System, we also provide software solutions for clinical workflows, medical surveys, and clinical trial and eCRF Software.
Healthcare Analytics
Healthcare Analytics online
Healthcare Analytics
With a descriptive, predictive and prescriptive approach, we help you drive real-time insights from on-field and off-field data to help achieve cost containment, streamlined workflow, supreme administration, and an enhanced consumer experience.

Our experts deploy precise analytical tools backed by the latest technology to provide multi-dimensional analytics while predicting future possibilities and accordingly helping you get future-ready. You can integrate our Healthcare Data Analytics Services with AI-ML and data mining algorithms to be compiled with big data analytics, thus helping you make the best data-driven clinical decisions.
ERP Solution for HealthCare
ERP Solution for HealthCare online
ERP Solution for HealthCare
We offer the best-in-class ERP solution, RexoERP, designed to reduce operations and administration costs by up to 23% for healthcare professionals.

Being highly flexible and customizable, our ERP for Healthcare can be easily integrated and scaled according to your growing business needs. It is a calculated mix of the finest tools and technology to enable multi-departmental efficiency and coordination, thus helping you keep a track of the entire workflow.

RexoERP’s analytics engine gives you real-time insights into all facets of your healthcare infrastructure, providing all vital stats on a single screen. Manage inventory, workforce, finance, and much more while ensuring 360 degrees streamlined professional workflow.

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