RexoERP - An Exclusive ERP solution for manufacturing needs

A Multi-faceted Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) Solution, RexoERP

RexoERP for manufacturers is specially designed to help manufacturers streamline their business processes and enable inter-departmental co-ordination.

Along with managing, optimizing and streamlining all business processes individually, you can also get a 360-degree overview of your entire business along with real-time analysis. Built with a unique ability to be customized, RexoERP for manufacturers has proven to be an industry highlight and a boon for business growth.

Modules of Manufacturing ERP Software
ALL-IN-ONE ERP for Manufacturers
RexoERP is an all-in-one ERP solution for small and medium-sized manufacturers, focused on reducing operational cost, producing more, and increasing profits.
After understanding the needs and challenges of manufacturing industries, RexoERP assist you with the right mix of technology and business experience. Its modules are specifically designed to reduce operational costs, fasten response time, enhance customer satisfaction and accelerate business processes.
Stock Management
Lessen dead stock and storage costs while guaranteeing a superior association with upgraded straightforwardness and transparency. Disentangle item management and raw material administration with real-time insights and exact dashboards.
Supply Chain Management
Implement quality investigations and request guaging while effectively arranging, executing, and following jobs. Gain total visual access of job schedules and production plans and break down production workstation leads.
Market Management (CRM)
Follow up generated leads and track them to sales closure. Monitor sales team strategies and thus simplify quote submission to the customer. Get detailed analytical reports and plan multi-level operations based on critical decisions derived from smart analysis.
Finance Management
Decrease the expense and multifaceted nature of the accounting cycle while observing the bottom line to expand proficiency and keep up monetary stability. Effectively report, examine, and dispense money progressively. Likewise, handle the whole acquirement measure including invoices, payments, receipts, and orders.
Production and Manufacturing
Exploit a basic yet amazing planning framework that helps production planners or purchasers plan and oversee things for production or buying depending on basic vital essential viewpoints.
Purchase Management
Make speedy, compelling choices with respect to all purchase needs via automating all processes. Access stock, invoices, and manage payments with a simplified evaluation of suppliers' quotations in minutes.
Sales Management
Manage the entire order-to-payment process with efficient tools. Get efficient integrated business procedures and strategic decision-making systems that provide real-time information and forecasting overall essential parameters.
HR and Payroll Management
Distinguish labor requirements and plan enrolling, direction, preparing, and improvement measures. Oversee representative portfolios cycle and execution evaluations alongside leave preparing and attrition tracking.

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