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Techlene is a Custom Software Development Company that delivers smart IT services and solutions to simplify working and maximize productivity for all objectives. Our team comprises of enthusiastic IT professionals with an experience of 20+ years, continuously working to help the society with the optimal use of IT for life and work. We drive digital transformation for businesses by analysing challenges and measuring professional competence. Whether start-ups or established enterprises, we serve across varied industries to assist in stupendous growth.


Techlene – Top Software Development Technology

Our strong passion to modern tech trends and best practices drive in the development of top-notch solutions that are perfectly tailored to provide high quality and affordable software outsourcing solutions to growing startup and enterprise companies in the world.

  • JAVA
  • APEX
  • CSS,CSS3
  • C,C#
  • SOQL
  • REST
  • SOAP
  • XML

Our result oriented approach

After thoroughly understanding your business needs and objectives, we develop solutions from scratch and achieve all your objectives in milestones. We leverage our expert web and software development skills combined with years of experience to help enterprises to achieve optimum results. Our cross-domain expertise helps us devise the perfect solutions for your business while keeping it all very budget-friendly. We also help you scale up your projects to gain a competitive advantage.

Our Vision
"To be recognized as an ethical brand that prioritizes the growth and success of its clients."
With a vision of refined services tailored specifically to optimize and boost business objectives, Techlene is purely founded on thorough ethical values that compel us to work by a motto of trust and quality. As a responsible brand built on the core principle of serving clients humbly with the best, it is our constant effort to deliver best-in-class services which aim at growth and development rather than prioritizing mere profit,
Our Mission
To create an industry benchmark for quality and performance through a continuous path of delivering game-changing IT Services.
Our mission is to overcome the bottlenecks of poor quality deliveries which flood the market and sadly trap businesses. By raising the bar for quality and perfection, we wish to ensure that brands are well educated about how fine and elite the quality of IT services can get.
Why Techlene?
Techlene focuses on digitizing scholastic institutions to survive in this Internet era with a myriad of benefits to excel in academics as well as management. Keep students attentive with school updates, notify parents regularly about their wards and help teachers amplify their teaching abilities to ensure the best education is imparted in the best way.
One-stop solution

We offer the best end-to-end IT services from ideation to implementation.

Competent advice

Our experts provide the best advice for your business to grow.


We are committed to delivering nothing below excellence.

Techlene - An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

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