Managed IT Solutions
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Expertly curated services to ensure perfection throughout the process from ideation to implementation.

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Leverage our years of experience to implement the finest software for stupendous business growth. We deliver elite next-gen applications and management services for the web, mobile and desktop to enhance customer experience by streamlining business processes.

Managed IT Solutions customized
for your industry

software development on web
Software Development
We provide superior custom software development services to ensure enhanced flexibility, seamless integration and business profitability. We create software applications from scratch across web, mobile and cloud platforms. With a robust development plan and prototyping approach, we combine expert resources with technical prowess to optimize your business needs.
application migration
application migration on web
Application Migration and Re-engineering
We provide flawless re-engineering services for software along with advancing and enhancing features, improving UI/UX and modern security technology. Techlene helps you redesign, refactor and migrate to give you fully customized feature rich applications.
software application maintenance
software application maintenance on web
Software Regular Updates
We help fine-tune your software with regular updates. With real-time issue resolving, Techlene enables you to seamlessly manage all post-development activities. We provide constant support and assistance to ensure quick actions.
SAAS Application
SaaS Applications
Minimize risks, increase productivity and elevate customer experience by leveraging our SaaS application building experience. With industry experts and the best talent working together, Techlene provides flawless commercial SaaS applications to suit your business needs.
Application integration
Application Integration
Optimize workflow between varied business facets with Techlene’s end-to-end application integration services. We offer integration services between on premise cloud or offline data requirements along with extensive customization. We help you achieve flexible and seamless business applications.
application maintenance and support
application maintenance and support on web
Application Maintenance and Support
We provide multi-level maintenance and support to enhance your mobile apps performance and meet customer needs. For seamless business continuity, we provide a complete range of application maintenance and support services.
enterprise software development

Delivering The Right Solutions

We exceed in providing customized solutions as per the business needs, be it a small business in their ideation stage or mid-sized enterprise concentrating on their growth or large companies actively optimizing processes across diverse industries.

Why Techlene?


We are well pillared on our core policies of staff augmentation agility, authenticity, and quality. Our offerings are customer-focused, and we assign the right talent at the right place for successful project execution.

Domain expertise

We utilize unrivalled ability that best accommodates your technology domain. Our software development teams have the talent to bring the best result for organizations through our outsourced software development administrations.

Agile process

Our dedicated teams apply an agile way to keep the pace among the speed and nature of deliverables. We make a roadmap by dividing modules into more modest sprints per project needs and conveying them in more limited sprints.

Top-notch developers

We assist you with reducing down the additional expenses of hiring caused through recruitment offices, foundation speculations, and robust recruitment bundles. Outsource to Techlene and access talented developers for brilliant business outcomes.

Transparent approach

Techlene offers a secure and transparent pricing structure at every phase of project delivery. Altered with specific business requirements, we facilitate exclusive software development needs with high performance.

Wider technology stack

Our software engineering teams have good technology aptitude in software development tools and frameworks such as Microsoft technologies, Java, Node, PHP, RoR, latest front end technologies, cloud, and DevOps.

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