Furniture Industry Management Software

Need of ERP Software in Furniture Industry

Before introducing Rexo Furniture ERP Software, let's first see the need of resource planning system in the furniture industries. This industry is worldwide and has unique requirements of resource planning in inventory, production and supply. Furniture has a wide variety of dimensions, colors, finishes, fabrics and product options. These are placing increased demands on the information systems to provide the functionality and flexibility required in the furniture business. For managing resources successfully it is important to maintain the list of all used and unused raw materials, how many products are developed and sold, the details of customer and vendors, total amount expended an earned etc. Without solid control over your operational and financial processes, you run the risk of production mistakes, late deliveries and out-of-control costs that hurt your margins. Whether, you’re selling high-end custom chairs or cabinet drawer pulls – spreadsheets can only take you so far.
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Rexo Furniture ERP Software

Our Product Solutions

Rexo Furniture ERP Software streamlines the order fulfillment process associated with complex, customer-specified products and will ensure accurate sales quotes, product pricing, and discounts. Our manufacturing system supports manufacturers in meeting customer delivery dates, bills of materials and routing, inventory visibility, and finished product costs. With proper advanced planning it eliminate production bottlenecks in the organization and streamline production to speed delivery. Full visibility of available material, shipping schedules, product lead times, and manufacturing capacity are considered when determining an accurate promise date.

Rexo Furniture Manufacturing ERP Software improves bottom line revenues through greater visibility of front office, warehouse and manufacturing plant floor operations.

Salient features / Capabilities

Integrated CRM Software
Comprehensive and Centralized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is fully-integrated with our solution to connect sales, support, field services and installed base tracking facilities.
Furniture Inventory Software
Manage Inventory in real-time efficiently with unlimited number of products. It offers timely management reports and alerts for low-stock, out of stock and excess stock. Easy search in inventory by different product IDs or descriptions.
Multiple Warehouse Management
Access data for multiple warehouses from a centralized system via system or mobile, gives you a clear picture to management of overall warehouse inventory and operational process. It increases efficiency and accuracy, streamlines inventory and order fulfillment operations.
Purchase Management
Purchase orders can be automated and reduces overall efforts and cost to the operational system. System effectively helps to monitor vendor performance.
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Effective Resource Planning
Furniture manufacturing requires sourcing of large quantities of various materials and, at the same time, dealing with multiple suppliers. You can, however, do that more effectively and avoid administrative hell by monitoring orders and relations with suppliers via a single application system.
Reduces Production Costs
With Rexo ERP Implementation, the business processes are automated, which leads to increased accuracy and decreased waste, and money flows are then naturally optimized. Users can constantly watch out for product quality and quickly react when problems are identified.
Higher Customer Satisfaction
ERP systems help achieve higher level of customer satisfaction rates by providing a platform for faster processing of data, storing history of every client and addressing all their concerns immediately.
Streamline Order Processing
Streamline order processing while improving accuracy with a rules-based Product management in the ERP system that ensures rapid, accurate configuration.
Quick and Smart System
You can take better business decisions on the go from any device, at any place and at any time.

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