Technology Industry

While cutting-edge technologies continue to enhance IT capabilities, Techlene provides technologically transforming solutions to amplify efficiency. By leveraging our services and solutions, business across diverse industries can grow to be agile and compatible with the elevating demands of the market.
With extensive experience of developing and testing IT products and solutions, Techlene maintains a seamless consistency in providing best-in-class IT Solutions to help companies expand and optimize their business goals.

Our key areas of expertise include:
  • Cloud and Mobile
  • Re-engineering Technology
  • Leveraging connected systems
  • Data visualization and insights
To ensure enhanced communication, integration, collaboration and automations, experts at Techlene leverage the principles of DevOps. By decreasing the software development and testing lifecycle, we maintain a faster and agile delivery across all platforms. Hence, our next-gen working patterns improve operational performance, ensure a fast time-to-market of our software services and products and also ensures the quickest delivery of the latest features to the customers. Along with a fool-proof development and test environment, we also display excellence at the implementation stage.
Unique Software Approach
Unique Software Approach
Automation stands as one of the supreme features of DevOps. Techlene leverages the power of automated provisioning to eliminate server state mismatch, quickly scale up servers, and enhance real state server deployment. We incorporate continuous integration to improve team productivity, deliver QA codes, ensure high-quality build and code reports along with verified artifacts. Our configuration management services help manage existing codes, eliminate configuration mismatch to automate platforms and provide accurate and faster configuration deployment.
Internet of Things
Internet of Things
IOT helps network different devices remotely and promotes smarter working at both enterprise levels and domestic levels. Techlene delivers industry-level IOT-powered solutions to help organizations connect and scale leveraging augmented intelligence. We help manage, design, integrate, develop and deploy all end-to-end IOT processes. Our experts also simplify integration of existing enterprise architecture with IOT solutions. We also deploy our big data capability to help you achieve magnificent outcomes in a secure ecosystem.
Disruptive advancements, for example, augmented reality, IOT and artificial intelligence alongside security, have empowered giving customized encounters that guarantee client devotion and expanded recurrent business. Our exceptional Mobile lab guarantees the improvement of applications that are viable with various gadgets, are engaging and intuitive. Techlene helps enhance content, comfort, context, efficiency and execution that is upheld by research for understanding client needs and investigation for insights into client behavior.

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