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Techlene excels in providing both platform-based and custom banking software. Our diverse services and solutions designed to serve all needs of retail and corporate banking. We help improve relationships between customers and their financial facilities while attracting and retaining a larger clientele base, focusing on cream clients. We provide 360 degree support along with integration, implementation, deployment and testing assistance. We help shorten sales cycles, understand customer behavior, increase conversion rates, amplify customer satisfaction, reduce operation costs and increase efficiency, increase volume of loans and deposits, increase Fintech co-operation, and also help keep staff satisfied.

Combat complex Banking-Industry challenges with Techlene:
  • Lack of customer trust
  • Fragmented customer views
  • Increased competition
  • Weak cross-selling
  • Unsatisfactory CX and Loyalty
  • Customer attrition
  • Poor communication
  • connectivity with customers

Diverse IT services and solution for finance industry.

Digital Transformation Consulting
Digital Transformation Consulting online
Digital Transformation Consulting
We help you improve and amplify your IT ecosystem by providing an unbeatable digital strategy or helping you migrate to a new technology platform, based on your business needs. We leverage our experience and expertise to help you identify the accurate banking solutions to reinvent and rejuvenate your business, choose platforms and estimate costs.
IT-based customer experience consulting
IT-based customer experience consulting online
IT-based customer experience consulting
We help you identify, develop, test, deploy and integrate the perfect software to enhance all stages of the CXM cycle, thus helping you deliver the best customer experience. Our experts educate you about various customer experience management solutions and assist you in making the right decisions.
Solution Implementation
Solution Implementation online
Solution Implementation
We reflect your bank's unique business models by precisely creating suitable solutions from scratch, eliminating all possible constraints arising from off-the-shelf products. Techlene efficiently helps you meet the ever-changing needs of the banking environment, irrespective of the scale you are operating on.
Solution Maintenance and Support
Solution Maintenance and Support online
Solution Maintenance and Support
Techlene helps you reduce the cost of upgrades while providing you with the most devoted technical support. We help in design update, performance tuning and also in patches for all your banking systems. Our support and maintenance services and solutions helps reduce costs and amplify your banking ecosystem.
Offering Banking Solutions with On-Point Implementation Assistance
  • Internet banking
  • Mobile banking
  • Customer portal
  • Banking CRM
  • Loyalty program management
  • Banking data analytics
  • Lending software
  • Payment software
  • Bank intranet
  • Document management system
  • Knowledge management solution
  • Facial recognition software

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