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We efficiently integrate with your business to bring about ground-breaking changes. Along with support and evolution services, Techlene helps you optimize your working staff and increase their productivity, while helping you monitor growth and progress on an individual level.

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Salesforce Implementation Services
With expert salesforce implementation services obtained from the best providers, businesses have witnessed a stupendous 45% increase in customer retention and a 28% increase in sales revenue along with a boost in head conversions by approx. 30%.
We offer a wide range of Salesforce implementation services that include consulting, configuration, customization, integration, and migration, supporting sales, service, and marketing efforts for a wide array of industries. The icing on the cake is our Salesforce support and evolution services that ensure your workflow is smooth and risk-free.
Salesforce Consulting Services
Techelene has devised accurate Salesforce Consulting services to assist and amplify all your marketing, sales, and customer service needs. With unparalleled expertise over CRM consulting, we boost your sales objectives and amplify your outcomes through our diverse industry experience.
Configuration and Customization
When you can meet your requirements by simply modifying data models, UI, and business logic with point-and-click tools, you must opt for our Salesforce configuration service. However, if the required functionalities are impossible to obtain with configuration, we suggest customization which implies that modification of the solution by code.
Salesforce Integration Services
We help you connect front offices with the back offices and automate your business processes end-to-end. With our cost-effective Salesforce integration services, we efficiently help sales representatives to access the functionalities they require through a brilliant interface. Moreover, we empower you to deliver an excellent customer experience and get a 360-degree customer view while enhancing the user experience through single authentication across tools.
Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud
Techlene assists both sales managers and representatives by efficiently automating the entire sales process. Our Sales Cloud integration is well structured to give you a 360-degree view of your sales process with real-time insights to help you track performance and progress. We enable you to give the best customer support by increasing customer retention, agent productivity and enabling faster case resolution.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Techlene enables you to track and monitor your marketing activities while giving you real-time insights as to where you need to make changes and focus more. Techlene's Marketing Cloud delivers personalised and relevant journeys across devices and channels. Accordingly, we offer integrated solutions for advertising, emails, content creation, data analysis and more. We simplify guiding customers over their 1-1 journey with your brand while making customer interaction, engagement and management more effective.

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