Need of ERP Software in Schools

World is becoming a global knowledge hub and education system should be continuously evolving to meet market demands of supplying such globally educated talents. Education institutes are data producers and at the same time they are governed by various compliance and procedures. Academic, financial and procedural data is huge and they need a solution that can integrate academics with management functions such that overall education experience to students and society meets high value in given span of time and must be managed well to cascade it further. Cross-cultural education that can benefit society requires a quality education system which uses technology for learning and management.

Manage Your Smart Campus with Automated School Management Software

Educational institutions deserve best of modern management practices and state-of-the-art technology which improves performance in terms of cost, speed, and accuracy. ERP systems provide automation and integration of academic and administrative functions to an institute.

ERP is a comprehensive system that automates the entire institute activities from admission, attendance, fee management, examination, and payroll and beyond. The features covered in the ERP software streamlines activity in an institute, giving the management the bird’s eye view of all the activities happening in the institute, in real-time. Now, Schools are rapidly adopting School management software to increase operational efficiency, reduce time and efforts from the manpower and work collectively and smartly.


Rexo School Management System
Our Product Solutions

Techlene Software Solution presents a Collaborative Campus and School Management System designed to process work of every department of an institute on a common web based platform. It ensures the smooth connectivity between various departments of institute to operate and accomplish their work faster and smartly. We have a comprehensive range of 30+ modules to automate and control activities in the institute within few clicks. More importantly, this application is fully customized as per the requirements and serves as an immortal backbone to your educational institution.

  • Applicant Module
  • Counseling
  • Student Management
  • Staff Management
  • Student Attendance
  • Staff Attendance
  • Fee Collection
  • Accounts
  • Payroll
  • Recruitment
  • Purchase
  • Inventory
  • Store
  • Library
  • Entrance Test
  • TimeTable Module
  • Lecture Management
  • Examination
  • Logistics Management
  • Placement
  • Front Office
  • Sports
  • Mess/Canteen
  • Hostel
  • Medical
  • SMS / Email Alerts
  • User Management
  • Alumni

Rexo ERP for education comes with editions for global, India specific CBSE etc. These editions can fulfill compliance demands of education boards and hence is customizable for ERP modules like Student Management System, Staff, Fees, Examination, Library, Attendance, Sports, and Hostel etc.

Rexo School Management System is a secure and reliable web-based platform which can be conveniently accessed from local area network inside the premises (Intranet) as well as from the public internet, making your’s a smart campus. Administrator can create users with role-based access to assign the different tasks/ jobs and also monitor these in a systematic manner. Today when the world is in digital transformation mode and IT is influencing our lives high, educational institutes are expected to align to IT and adopt end to end systems like ERP Software. It's time to say goodbye to paper and documented work and use power of IT for ERP and Internet that helps enabling a smart campus to students.

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Salient features / Capabilities
Rexo ERP Features


Virtual Campus Software for students, parents and institutes

Rexo School Management Software is integrated with Virtual Campus a smart collaborative platform for Students, Teachers, Parents and Management to interact together. Details of the various activities in School and resources can be shared here like report card, notes, assignment, student performance, attendance, notifications, etc.


Flexible and Customizable to adapt global changes to education

Rexo School Management Software is completely flexible and customizable as the centralized system can sync updates from the server time to time and new features can be easily implemented and added with the existing system.


Unlimited Logins

Software is not limited to fixed logins and admin has privilege to generate as much login credentials as he needs to offer to different operational staffs.


Supports Multiple Branch or Campus

It supports to systematically manage institutes in multiple locations and control multiple branch or campus. A simple and powerful solution that connects all departments and campuses in a single integrated platform and allows you to get various reports of different branches to share with the governing bodies in a few clicks.

Rexo School ERP Benefits

Web Based Application

No need to install on every System. We offer web based application which is flexible as it can be deployed on client in-premises local server or on a Web Server depending on the requirement and can be accessed from anywhere through the network.

User Friendly - Ease to Use

It is easy to use and with function customization control. It depends on your own budget and domain size requirements to choose best ERP School Management System, with acquired specification level. ERP School Management System is needed in order to compete within the market and survive effectively.

Smart Phone Compatibility

It is easily accessible on Smart-phones, Tablets and you can perform your task from anywhere, anytime via available networks.

Cost Effective

Rexo School ERP not only decreases unnecessary man power but also provides a well synchronized system that allows the information delivery on daily operations in a way that is both real-time and accurate. This data provides schools with the necessary insight they should be able to make spot-on adjustments in real-time, to lead with quicker and intelligent solutions.

Quick Deployment

Rexo ERP System can be easily deployed and require a minimal hardware requirements on-site. The deployment process does not require any stoppage of your existing work flow and in a quick session of a day we can deploy and implement the ERP system to your organization.

Increase Users Daily Productivity

ERP provides full automation of all the functions of educational institute administration and achieves the goal of paperless work. It helps administrators to boost their productivity and reduce the time and effort required to manage and accurately organize data and resources.

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