What are ERP Components?

What are ERP Components?

ERP software provides companies with a platform to connect various business processes and streamlines the work to not only enable better data sharing but also to be more cost and time efficient. The ERP components and software selection should be based on company needs and varies from company to company. Let’s see what are ERP components.

Purchasing and Procurement

This module is for companies that require all their procurement and purchase activities streamlined, from vendor management to automatically routing approvals of purchase orders.

HR Module

This is a centralized, digitized HR system that performs the task from talent management to employee evaluations and tracking personnel hours.


This is a centralized system to track and record sales and operational information and payroll systems and that has the ability to perform analytics reporting.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence enables companies to view data analytics through dashboards, matrices and predesigned reports.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM enables a company a centralized repository of all the customers, which can be accessed and utilized by all the customer-oriented departments across the company.

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