Key Factors for a Successful ERP Implementation

Adaptation and Use of ERP Software System in SME’s increasing rapidly and the main goal of ERP implementation is to automate processes and decrease time lags in terms of information flow to support the growth of the organization. Although, after adapting ERP system, there are some companies which do not get returns from using the ERP system as expected. In most of the cases, companies are failing to set up the ERP system because they cannot reach the predetermined goal. The ERP is not only a technology that supports the management but also a way of the management. Here, in this article, we will focus on some key factors for a successful ERP implementation in an organization.

The Key Factors for a Successful ERP Implementation

Why ERP Implementation Fail

When an implementation project fails, it’s often because from the start there was a lack of communication within the company and objectives were not clearly defined.
Companies experience difficulties during an ERP implementation typically due to:

  • Poorly defined project requirements
  • Change their mind mid-project
  • Projects not adequately staffed
  • Time spent waiting for decisions or communications

What are the Consequences

Choosing to implement an ERP system is a major investment for the company, both in terms of time and money. When a project is not planned properly, the organization faces:

  • Missed deadlines
  • Exceeded budgets
  • Resistance to change

Key Success Factors

Implementing an ERP system is a project that affects the entire company. To avoid overwhelming your resources with this change, you must ensure to have the following steps in place:

  • A clear vision of Management’s Objectives
  • Well-defined processes
  • An appointed Super User to help manage the change
  • Training for a higher adoption rate
  • A project is broken down by phase

Reaching the Top

An ERP that has been properly implemented and that is adapted to the company’s needs improves collaboration, streamlines tasks and decreases IT and administrative costs to ensure an ROI.

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