Advantages and Benefits of Custom ERP Software

Custom ERP software doesn’t mean complete customization in every module but a percentage of customization as per the requirements of the organizations. Different conditions at various departments including usage of different software systems that may need third-party integration or inflow of information from a legacy system. Customized ERP solutions are designed as uniform software that caters to requirements of all different departments and also to the internal information that needs to traverse within. Let’s see advantages and benefits of Custom ERP Software.

Advantages and Benefits of Custom ERP Software

1. With customized ERP software, you don’t need to change the business flows which means ERP software are implemented as per your requirements, not the other way round.

2. ERP customization helps you in removing the unwanted or unnecessary features, further, it also minimizes the confusions among other departments. For Example, A salesman is not necessary needs to check the warehouse management module or accounting management module therefore with customization every department can see only those modules which help their department to avoid confusion. Further you can even customize the User Interface specifically for every department.

3. There is a myth that custom ERP software development is expensive as compared to implementing ready-made ERP software. Intact it is not since it depends on the software you are choosing. Many organizations find very cost effective if going for an Open source ERP software development, where many modules are available in the community and small tweak is required to make it work for your business.

4. In terms of Budget and Cost Factor, Customized ERP Software proves more cost-effective since they are developed on a real need basis and with a fixed budget.

5. In Custom ERP, there are no changes in actual Business Process. Organizational processes themselves are the light of the entire path. The entire solution is sure to be a reflection of the actual process execution.

6. In terms of execution timelines, customized ERP may take higher start time but gets better with further project execution as requirements are well defined right from inception. All features are utilized to the maximum and usage is nearly 100% of implemented functionalities.

7. You can ask to design new features whenever there are requirements.

8. The system gives hardly any bugs, as it is tested in deployments for the client.

9. Deployment and service Support will be more personal in customized software.

10. Should be able to meet 100% of client requirements.

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  1. Hey, Thanks for sharing this information. Custom ERP is best if the IT company gives all time support to the client. it is necessary to train the team at the client end for proper utilization of the software and for a better return. I really like your post. Keep Sharing..

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