Blockchain offers single source of information that’s transparent. Members using network attempting for a change, it is notified to rest. This helps authorization control. Structure of blockchain makes it virtually tamper proof. Blockchain is and will revolutionizing financial institution and economy too.

Techlene with its vast experience from ERP for Industries, IT services portfolio, understands and hence prepared a step by step procedures to help companies achieve this transformation from traditional ERP and integrating blockchain to keep competitive.

Salient features / Capabilities
Blockchain Features


Smart Contracts Development

Implement smart contracts to automate enforcement in RootStock and Ethereum. We can write your smart contract's code securely.


Smart Contracts Audit

Security flaws, misbehavior and inefficiency are very expensive when you deploy a Smart Contract to the Blockchain. We help companies to make the best Smart Contract code.



Develop safe and reliable cryptocurrency exchanges.


Blockchain Development

Implement cryptography-based technologies to store immutable data. We can help you choosing which of your processes are suitable for this technology.



Develop Financial, Health Care, Retail, Manufacturing, etc. private blockchains on Hyperledger.


Private Blockchain Development

Implement a private blockchain in your institution or corporation.


Loan Data Sharing

Use the blockchain to share credit information between different banks to avoid multiple loan requests using the same documentation.


Supply Chain Blockchain

Implement a complete supply chain on a blockchain to track the whole process in a single place. Collaborative Commerce enables trade partners interact in a friction free manner, gaining deep visibility into their supply chain so they can make smart forecasting decisions.



Protect traditional wallets and multi-signature wallets to guarantee security.



Fund your product ideas with Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) on Ethereum. We can develop your Smart Contracts securely.



Teach your team development on top of blockchain technologies and be prepared for the future.


Proof of Existence

Create your own notary registry allowing users to manage and sign documents. We can license our document registry system built on top of Ethereum for private and public blockchains.

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Our unique proposition that helps customers meet future technology

  1. Decades of experience working in IT industry for providing a diversified solutions to broad range of industries such as ERP for industries, ERP for education, Cloud, Big data and Analytics solutions, application portfolio management to name few.
  2. We understand timing and opportunity that matters to you and us the most
  3. Our expert team works with customer for specific customized solutions that not only fit to serve your specific needs but at same time, keeps you competitive and sustainable.
  4. Our IT services portfolio is broad and even deep vertical so you get a right solution for maximizing your ROI over IT infrastructure

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