Techlene Analytics is a boutique Strategy and Analytics consulting firm. We provide project based consulting services to companies worldwide. Our in-depth understanding of the analytical tools, techniques, and big data solutions allows us to make significant contributions as your consultant.

Techlene Analytics can help you mitigate risks and increase operational efficiency in all areas of your business. After adopting our easily consumable analytics cycle, you can be confident that you're making the right decisions and taking the right actions to drive your business forward.

Create world of data boundary-less but with a scope to get insights across: our services towards data lakes, master data management, data grid, real-time processing, data and analytics on the cloud help you use data effectively, timely, precisely and leverage related infrastructure.

Data and statistical analytics: enable full evidence based support in your decision making, performance management, budget and finance management, fraud detection, business intelligence (BI).

Analytics tool implementation: Automation of analysis processes are more reliable, error prone, consistent and cost effective

We provide end-to-end data engineering services, enable data science techniques coupled with decision science to get you to a real and smart data scenarios that gets greater and deeper insights of business and situations to keep you progressive.

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