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A right-fit HRMS software may help revolutionize a workplace. A HRMS (Human Resource Management System) is a combination of systems and processes that connect human resource management and information technology through HR software. The automation of repetitive and time consuming tasks associated with human resources management system is managed with the use of HRMS software which frees up some of the companies most valuable employees and allows the focus to shift to culture, retention, and other highly impaction areas.

The function of the human resources department involves tracking employee histories, skills, abilities, salaries, and accomplishments. Replacing certain processes with various levels of HRMS systems can distribute information management responsibilities so that the bulk of information gathering is not delegated strictly to HR. It helps the HR Department to cut the pressure of errors with the automated process apart from maintaining a huge data base of the employees flawlessly which could not have been possible with the human efforts.

Rexo HRMS - HR and Payroll Management Software
Our Product Solutions

Rexo HRMS Software has all HR and Payroll Management System capabilities needed in the companies of various sizes. Our HR ERP software solutions plan to cater to the needs of the employees as well as its HR and payroll administration. Its a complete workforce management system coveing all basic tasks including maintaining an employee database, personnel information’s, and professional experience and salary matrices. It contains complete record of every staff member in detail. HR software is built on an integrated database of personnel information and the software produces metrics for staffing allocations, compensation costs, and turnover.

A core ERP modular suite from Techlene, Rexo Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Software is a built-in system for managing core HR employee central pieces as HR employee data, applicant data, job data, employee training data and more. With HR staff processing, payroll processing is second biggest need for the company. As the man power increases, it’s important to process monthly wages at time.

Our HR and Payroll Management Solutions have user wise access rights and features of salary processing following organizational policies, intimation of salary, salary slip generation and provision over mail. It stops the manual feeding of entries every month and initiates automatic generation of reports with capability of easy customization.

Salient features / Capabilities
Rexo HRMS Features


Employee Management

Create and keeps the records of employees, personal details. Search employee records with different criteria and generate number of HRIS reports for analysis.


Manage Recruitment

Upload staff requisition information form with CV’s & conduct tests, interviews, generate offer letters & convert selected candidates data into employees rapidly.


Performance Management

Analyze the performance of employees on different scales and generate reports and performance matrices for individuals and groups.


Leave and Attendance and Time Management

Pick up real time attendance data from any reader automatically. There is provision in the system to make different rules and policies like late coming, overtime calculations, early going and linking it to payroll calculations.


Payroll Management Software

Create unlimited pay heads using very powerful formula & parameters to calculate loan, bonus, salary & tax calculations. Create and manage multiple salary structures for various seniority levels with one click payroll processing.


Travel, Claim and Helpdesk Management

Any kind of work flow request ticket can be raised, escalated to the desired employees & its progress can be tracked to see whether that issue is still open or closed.

Highly Secured HRMS

Security is of great concern when it comes to choosing a human resources management system. The information stored in a HRMS is highly sensitive, including proprietary company data and volumes of personal information about employees. Our solution utilizes a method of secure transmission such as SSL which encrypts the data as it transmits over the internet.

Internal security is also critical; information should be guarded by passwords that have varying levels of access in relation to what is needed for the job position. Our system enables roles based access to portions of HRMS solutions, so that the staff with his role and designation should get access to the work in the system and data integrity is maintained.


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Rexo HR Management Software Benefits

Secure, centralized employee data

Manage all your HR administrative actions from a single, central location. Search employees, set favorites, view organization trees, and analyze attrition reports - all from the dashboard.

Better Decision-making

Having relevant data immediately available makes decision-making easy. Poor decision-making can arise from having inadequate information or a lack of correctly interrelated information. Good quality hr software allows for a number of relevant areas to be updated simultaneously and can ensure that you remember to input useful and important information on all aspects of human resources.

Increases Productivity

Manual record keeping is very time consuming because all related records have to be up dated by hand. Using software to record information can free up staff for higher order functions. Additionally, employee inquiries can take up a large amount of human resource department's (or manager's) time and HR software can provide a self service option for employees to obtain relevant information themselves as well as saving staff time in obtaining it for employees. It can also save time and improve effectiveness for every step of the recruitment and selection process as well as for employee evaluation and training. This can lead to substantial productivity gains.

Measurable ROI

Investment in HR software can lead to substantial cost savings despite the high initial investment required. If you choose software that specifically meets your business' needs, you will be able to reduce your labor costs as many functions will be completed by the software itself and others will take significantly less time as a result of the software.

Highly Secured

HR software can also improve your business' security by reducing the amount of paperwork and related security risks. Security has become a problem or at least a consideration for many businesses and reducing the number of ways in which security can be breached is certainly one way to limit the risk.

Increases Business Management Efficiency

Easy integration of the human resources function into other aspects of business management is another benefit of HR and Payroll management software. Most software has modules that can be included or not according to your needs and which can also be linked to external software such as accounting and other reporting software to streamline all aspects of business management.

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